Sizing & fit

The size and fit of your pack is important for comfort and in the case of frame packs, the size is also important for proper load transfer. I make a few sizes and fits for you to choose. I’ll try to explain the differences.

J-shaped shoulder straps

Only a slight curve at the top with a bigger bottom curve and angled attachment. This gives a more direct fit.

Best for those with more angled shoulders and/or those with wider necks

S-shaped shoulder straps

More dramatic curves, both at the top and bottom with a flatter attachment. This allows them to largely circumvent the sensitive areas of the chest.

Best for people with large volume or curvy chests

If you’ve never experienced problems with pressure on your chest or tightness around the neck, you can generally pick either and be fine. They’re both well padded and flexible to allow for a large span in fit. Both these options are available for the custom frame packs. 

The wider J-straps standard on the light frame and frameless packs are focussed on evenly spreading out the load. They still fit a good range of people as they aren’t constrained by back structure in the same way and can angle more freely. They can be used for the custom frame packs if you want sewn-in pockets and wider padding.


Hip fit

The best hip belt fit is detemined by the shape of your hip region. If you narrow toward the waist, a curved/tapered hip belt can rest nicely without much tension. If you widen towards the waist, a straight hip belt will wrap better. You can measure to be sure.  

How to: measure about 4-5 centimeters up and down from the center of where you want the hip belt to sit. If the top measurement is smaller, you should pick a curved/tapered belt. If the bottom measurement is smaller, you should pick a straight belt. If the measurements are very similar, you can look at the lumbar area. If its within a few degrees of vertical, straight is likely best and if it’s more angled, the curved belt is likely best.

English sizing video:

Dansk video om opmåling:

Videos about fit coming soon!