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Custom Morado 48L & 55L

After 3 years of tinkering this is the frame pack I set out to offer. Versatile, comfortable and reasonably lightweight. The contoured frame, generous padding and supportive hip belt give great carrying comfort up to 17kg.

If a standard pack doesn’t quite suit you, this is a blank canvas for you to choose only the things YOU need!

For information about sizing and fit take a look through the pack guide.

For information about all the pockets, fabrics and other options see the custom page.

Base price 2600DKK and weight from 750g in the lightest configuration with all removables

Made in Denmark


The following is included:

Load carrying features

Your choice of shoulder straps – either S-shaped or J-shaped. These have a daisy chain and pockets can be added.  Wide J-shaped with sewn-in pockets are available at an upcharge.

Hip belt with 15mm of padding and a load-stiffening insert. The dual adjust forward pull closure means you can fine-tune the angle of tension.

The frame consists of 2 tubular aluminum stays in a slight V-taper.  The bottom is reinforced and firmly connected to the hip belt while load lifters are attached at the top. It’s very light for its stiffness compared to common flat bar frames. Frame length: short 52cm, medium 56cm, long 60cm & longer 64cm.

Integrated foam sit pad that doubles as upper back padding. The back pocket can take other pads up to 2cm in thickness.

The comfortable carrying range is up to 17kg.


Materials & pockets

Pack body made from either EPLX, EPX or UltraTX with heftier versions used for the back and bottom panels. All are waterproof laminates with EPLX being lighter and EPX lasting longer and UltraTX for conditions outside of normal hiking.

Your choice of front pocket with elastic cord on top.

Shaped side pockets that are accessible while wearing the pack and fit 2x 1.25L bottles each.



Y-shaped top strap

Z-elastic side compression

Side strap compression for the roll top

The roll top has both snaps and buckles



The internal volume is the maximum usable capacity in the main compartment with 3 rolls on the rolltop. Pockets add up to 12L external capacity.

48L: short 45L, medium 47L, long 49L & longer 51L. Circumference: bottom 83cm & top 97cm

55L: short 52L, medium 54L, long 56L & longer 58L. Circumference: bottom 87cm & top 101cm

Unrolled length: short 85cm, medium 89cm, long 93cm & longer 97cm



The pack is constructed with waterproof laminates and sewn with binding tape. A pack liner is always recommended for full waterproofing.

Due to the handmade nature and many options the weight of the final pack can vary heavily. It’s not feasible to list the weight of every single option as they sometimes affect each other.